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Adopt a Child

A Sponsorship project being implemented in Inhaminga Sofala Province. It has a total of 102 beneficiaries 60 males and 42 females. These beneficiaries are all in school and have birth registration. Their school expenses are paid by the project and uniforms provided. These children are also taught some life skills like Agriculture and empowered using Aflatoun approach. Food and hygiene parcels are provided to secure their wellbeing. For their protection of these children, the Government Department of women and social welfare is active and trained CPCs in villages and a beneficiary committee to ensure that they have social protection. All the beneficiaries are members of churches of their choice and they participate in arranged evangelism events.

Adopt a Student

This is a student sponsorship which helps 2 student each year to enroll into a college. It supports them throughout paying fees and providing for other needs . So far it has assisted 12 students from the same district. The first to receive support is now a Lawyer graduated from UCM. Most of others are teachers and Agronomists. This project is also being implemented in Inhaminga- Sofala Province. 50% of its beneficiaries are those who were in Adopt a child project . Generally it promotes empowerment of girls.

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