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Adopt a Granny

A sponsorship project implemented in Inhaminga Distict of Sofala Province. It has a total of 110 beneficiaries, of these 86 are females and 24 males. This project unfortunately does not give many options as far as empowerment is concerned because the beneficiaries are from 65 yrs and above, most of them a weak and ill. 85% of them can no longer do IGAs for a living so the activities done are around social care, spiritual care, health care and relief. They receive food and hygiene parcels. Some do not have family members around so they get support and visits from social workers and other beneficiaries. Social events are arranged periodically for them all to have time together. They have monthly health check ups and treatments as needed covered by the project as well as funeral arrangements and expenses in the event of death. Dorcas aims at the same time to empower communities to take care of their elderly.

More information about the Adopt a Granny approach, click here