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Girls Empowerment & Family strengthening

This project was designed as an innovative way of solving health problems in communities. That is dealing with determinants of health and gender balance. Empowering women and girls economically through a pig production IGA for girl education. 75 families have benefited so far in 2 yrs. VSL for women including men considering that more than 90% of women’s income is used in the family improving nutrition, hygiene and general living conditions thereby reduction of disease incidences. With help of the local clinic under fives are weighed as scheduled. Family planning is a strong component to try and reduce overcrowding in families resulting in insufficient basic resources like food and shelter. Early marriages have been a big problem that the project is dealing with as it is a big threat to life of a girl child. Monthly discussions about gender equality and traditional laws and customs with local traditional leaders, church leaders and other influential people to try and change for the betterment of life of women and girls promoting also reduction of polygamy.