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Water solutions in Nhamatanda

This wash project was designed to help the population of Nhamatanda district to have access in safe clean drinking water as well as VIP, school and vulnerable household latrines and small income gardens. This project is being implemented in two localities of Nhamatanda districts, namely Tica and Lamego. On this present time, Dorcas Mozambique has provided 25 rope pumps, 3 school latrines, 130 slabs, 5 small income gardens and 5 afridev pumps. Our whole idea is to work towards sustainability. We do training with locals who will maintain and continuing to provide pumps and latrines at low cost as a way of supporting the communities through empowering young people.

Dorcas Mozambique is also training local farmers through small income gardens which were put in selected suitable places. Dorcas supplemented by drilling and installing bicycle pumps and cheap water tanks to easy irrigation. We are aiming more gardens and pumps on the remaining 1 year of this same project which is this year 2018. And we hope for its success and a better village with new ideas which we engraved in this 3 year period.